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Environmental Planner

Adam Garcia has been at the forefront of regional planning in the Bay Area for the last decade. His experience is in leading cutting-edge research initiatives and performing public policy and mapping services, including the innovative At-Risk report by Greenbelt Alliance and developing the ground-breaking Bay Area Greenprint, a free online environmental planning tool. This expertise helped Adam contribute towards the expansion and improvement of Plan Bay Area’s Priority Conservation Area program.

Adam’s work has focused on utilizing spatial information to uncover the challenges and opportunities for jurisdictions around the region to meet the needs of a growing population while still supporting a high quality of life. These projects include policy analysis for developing transit-oriented development policies for Caltrain, pedestrian and bicycle safety recommendations for San Mateo County Health System, regional housing needs assessment support for a variety of local jurisdictions, community separator policy development in Sonoma County, among others. Adam enjoys sharing his knowledge and contributing to the planning community by giving presentations and workshops on applying CEQA as well as how to use the Bay Area Greenprint for environmental planning and education.

Adam’s wealth of planning and environmental knowledge stems from vigorous formal education coupled with hands on experience developing sustainable communities in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, the UC system, Costa Rica, Kenya, Cuba, and Mexico. He earned a B.S. in Environmental Studies at UC Santa Barbara, an M.A. in Urban Planning at UC Los Angeles and is a LEED Accredited Professional.