City of San Rafael

General Plan 10-Year Review and Housing Element Update

M-Group is currently preparing and managing the 10-year Review for the City of San Rafael’s General Plan 2020. The review encompasses a re-assessment of the programs, policies, and content of the existing General Plan. Results from the review aim to provide the City with the assurance that the plan is on course and properly implemented. The review also purges obsolete content from the General Plan and will refresh content that has since changed from the plan’s
adoption in 2004.

In tandem with the 10-year Review, M-Group has teamed up with Karen Warner Associates in the preparation of the City’s 2015-2023 Housing Element Update. The M-Group and KWA team was selected by San Rafael based on the partnership’s track record of developing effective and tailored Housing Element Updates for other cities in the North Bay. 

In addition to the 10-year General Plan Review and Housing Element Update, M-Group will provide the necessary CEQA clearances associated with both