"Their capacity to appropriately mix technology, education and humor, while also carefully listening to and being responsive and flexible in addressing community concerns, resulted in a unanimously adopted Housing Element that was quickly certified by the State.”

- Mike Moore, Former Planning and Building Director, City of Mill Valley

City of Mill Valley

Housing Element Update (2009-2014 and 2015-2023) and Code Changes

Mill Valley's 2009-2014 Housing Element was prepared within the context of a comprehensive update to the City's General Plan. The process involved extensive public participation and consensus building, resulting in the creation of a Housing Element supported by the greater community and its stakeholders. The Housing Element was focused on ways to facilitate development on infill sites through improved standards and procedures. The Housing Element Update for the 2009-2014 was successfully adopted and certified by HCD. 

M-Group is currently working on the Mill Valley's 2015-2023 Housing Element Update. This update includes the implementation of programs from the 2009-2014 Housing Element Update in order to qualify for a Streamlined Review of the draft document. M-Group and the City anticipate full adoption and certification by HCD's set deadline in January 2015.