environmental review

M-Group creates and manages environmental documents that are able to withstand scrutiny, address the unique conditions of each project, and make sense within the context of each jurisdiction. Our team has extensive experience working on environmental review projects of varying size, scope, and complexity throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including routine development, maintenance and city infrastructure projects, large scale residential and commercial development, and comprehensive long range planning documents. We conduct environmental review and provide a range of CEQA services encompassing:

  • Technical Studies
  • Exemption Justifications
  • Initial Studies
  • Negative Declarations
  • Mitigated Declarations
  • Environmental Impact Reports
  • Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Plans

Our focused approach and level of attentiveness achieves the highest degree of internal consistency. We anticipate concern areas early on in the project and collaborate with the project team in identifying solutions through either thoughtful design or mitigation to avoid, mitigate, minimize or offset impacts. Our expertise in environmental, policy, design and preservation disciplines allows us to provide a well informed and robust document that meets CEQA provisions.

M-Group’s environmental planners are well versed in all aspects of the environmental review process. Our in house technical capabilities complement our long standing relationships with professional specialists. Through close collaboration with our partners we produce CEQA-compliant environmental documents supported by substantial evidence and rooted in sound technical analysis. We work diligently through the CEQA process to ensure that development occurs in a responsible and sustainable manner. We believe in a future where urban development and natural systems coexist.

Representative Projects

City of Foster City - EIR Management and Climate Action Plan

City of Palo Alto - 777 Welch Medical Office Building Initial Study

City of Petaluma - EIR Management

City of Redwood City - EIR Management and MND

City of Santa Rosa - Environmental Review Management and MND


Environmental Review CLIENTS

  • City of Campbell
  • City of Cotati
  • City of Foster City
  • City of Morgan Hill
  • Town of Los Gatos
  • Town of Los Altos Hills
  • City of Palo Alto
  • City of Petaluma
  • City of Redwood City
  • City of San Carlos
  • City of Santa Rosa
  • City of Saratoga
  • City of Sunnyvale
  • Town of Woodside