milan nevajda

senior planner + Urban Designer

Milan has over 5 years’ experience in public and private sector planning in California and New England. He has led project teams in providing a range of land use policy, strategic planning, and master planning services with a focus on economic development, revitalization, real estate market research. Milan has a strong basis in fiscal analysis of development, land use planning, development and demographic modelling, and urban design.

Milan’s experience in the public sector spans rural, suburban, and urban environments. It includes staffing local-interest committees, coordinating consultants, completing development review of residential, mixed-use, and commercial-industrial projects; and overseeing internal planning department activities. He is a skilled meeting facilitator and presenter.

Milan holds a Master’s in Urban Planning specializing in land use planning for urban manufacturing and services industries. He is passionate about increasing economic opportunities in communities and creating vibrant and diverse neighborhoods.

In his free time Milan can be found exploring the outdoors, skiing or cycle-touring, travelling to new destinations, or working on a new woodworking project.