the new hire's toolkit

Welcome to M-Group! We are thrilled to have you join our team, and look forward to knowing you better. 

In order to help you hit the ground running, we put together this toolkit to provide you with all the essentials for your career at M-Group. 

Click on the icons below to download your M-Group essentials.

To-Do List for the Administrative Team

1. Fill out the Employment Application. You may attach your resume in lieu of filling out the "Employment Record" section.

2. Sign the Disclosure and Authorization Regarding Background Investigation for Emplyment Pusposes. In order for us to deem you application complete, we must run a background check.

3. Complete the HireRight Address and Credentials Form. This way we ensure your HR information is accurate.

to-do list for the outreach team

1. Send Stefanie, the Outreach Coordinator, your biography. Make sure you check out the bios on "Our Team" page on our website for the general information and formatting required.

2. If working off-site, let Stefanie know when you would be available for her to photograph you. We need your staff pictures for resumes, proposals, and our website.

3. Take the Professional Expertise  and Skills and Accomplishments Surveys. They help us ensure we have an accurate database of our human resources.

4. Install the M-Group fonts in your computer. Installing your fonts first will ensure your signature blocks, letterhead, and all other M-Group documents look how they should.

5. Update your Outlook Desktop and Online email signature blocks using our standard design. Make sure you choose the signature block that corresponds with your M-Group home office for both Outlook Desktop and Online applications.

6. Save our official letterhead somewhere accessible in your computer. Please use our official letterhead for all official letters and communications between you and any client.

7. Check out the distribution lists sheet to learn how you can email your teammates more easily. We have email addresses for specific teams so you don't have to enter everyone's emails individually. 

8. Save our official transmittal cover letter somewhere accessible in your computer. Please include an official transmittal cover letter with any hardcopy documents you transmit to a client.

9. Save the M-Group Identity Guidelines somewhere accessible in you computer for easy reference. Our guidelines have further information on the correct use of our logo, fonts, and the like.