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Ann has performed current and advanced planning services for over thirty years, including General Plan Updates, Zoning Amendments, Permit Processing, Design Review, Report Preparation, Public Presentation, Application Preparation/Processing, and Subdivision Review. She's made presentations in many forums, including public hearings, conferences and training sessions.

As a planner with the City of Saratoga, Ann tactfully mediated neighborhood concerns regarding controversial subdivisions and proposed expansion of religious facilities.

While Director of Planning and Building for the Town of Fairfax in the San Francisco area, she managed the General Plan update including the Housing Element. She also developed a Mixed Use Overlay Ordinance and a Second Unit Amnesty Program.

She previously worked for the Bucks County Planning Commission in Pennsylvania and for Planning Consulting firms in Princeton, New Jersey and Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Ann's community involvement exemplifies her strong civic sense. She brings deep local knowledge, being Chair of the Pleasanton Housing Commission and a member of the East Pleasanton Specific Plan Task Force and the Kottinger Place Task Force. She also served as Vice Chair of an Alameda County Transportation Commission Committee and on the Pleasanton Transit Oriented Development Hacienda Task Force. She has extensive experience leading community engagement programs and representing cities at public meetings.

Among her creative efforts was her two-year stint as editor of the “Northern News”, the American Planning Association newsletter going to 1,4000 Northern California planners. In this effort she worked collaboratively to develop an insightful document of planning news. She also served as a member of the Northern California Chapter APA Board and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP).

Ann has a Masters in Urban Planning from New York University. She has also taken coursework towards a Certificate in Landscape Architecture from U.C. Berkley Extension. Her Bachelors degree was in Philosophy and English from Temple University.

In her spare time, Ann enjoys cycling, walking her dog, tending to her vegetable and flower garden, reading and spending time with friends and family.