Assistant urban designer

Blaze is an experienced urban designer and city planner with creative problem-solving capabilities. His experience ranges from design review of single-family homes to long-range policy planning projects. He plays key roles in developing policy-based urban design documents and has contributed to developing single-family, multi-family, and city-wide design guidelines documents. Blaze is adept at identifying and acknowledging unique community attributes within the provisions of urban design and planning documents.

In addition to contributing to various urban design projects, Blaze researches, drafts documents, performs analyses, and leads outreach tasks across a range of planning assignments. His recent projects include Housing Element updates, zoning ordinance amendments and updates, community engagement, and GIS mapping. Blaze implements a holistic approach to his work, involving a comprehensive understanding of myriad factors affecting the community and considering all facets of community planning. In addition, he maintains a flexible and dynamic role in projects, enabling him to thrive in a wide range of planning capacities.

Blaze is passionate about urban design, healthy communities and sustainability, and actively seeks to incorporate these themes in his work. He is a strong visual communicator who firmly believes that maintaining high standards in graphic and document design leads to optimized comprehension of complex planning ideas. Blaze’s personable demeanor and team-oriented attitude supplements his combination of interests, experiences, and skills.

Blaze holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in City and Regional Planning from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He spends his free time illustrating, surfing, and exploring the northern California coast.