Principal Planner

David is a city and environmental planner with over 30 years of experience in the public and private sectors.  He has worked with not only cities in Northern and Southern California but also with the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  He served as Vice Chairman for the Riverside County Airport Land Use Commission and was a Peace Corps Volunteer in a provincial city in the Philippines.  His broad experience enables him to problem solve and work effectively in all settings.

In the public sector David’s planning activities span the full range of local planning activities including application processing, advance planning, environmental review, program management, budgeting, and administration.  His experience at all staff levels enable him to work effectively and collaboratively managing projects that ranged from simplest permit to the most complicated entitlement package. 

In the private sector he has represented property owners and developers assisting them through the development review, community outreach, public hearing, and environmental permitting processes.  These diverse experiences enable him to understand the issues from all sides and to find solutions to complex problems.

Establishing a planning department for a new city is a unique and challenging opportunity.  David has extensive experience with the organization and management of planning departments for newly incorporated cities.  This experience includes the foundation of any successful Planning Department, organizing permitting processes and procedures, managing the transition of permit applications from the county to the city, preparing the new General Plans, and educating new city council members and planning commissioners on how the development review process works and what the roles of the staff, the commission and the council are throughout the process.

David has a B.S. in Urban Planning from Cal Poly-Pomona and a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Wyoming.  When not working, David enjoys brewing and sampling his own beer, backpacking, fishing, and spending time with family.