Fahteen khan


fkhan at m-group.us

Fahteen is a highly motivated and knowledgeable planner with experience in current planning, policy planning and architecture. She has worked on projects ranging from urban design, affordable housing, project review and geo-spatial data analysis. She has strong communication skills and great customer service. Fahteen is currently working with the City of Santa Clara’s Planning and Inspection department, where she assists them with design review, counter duties and as Project Planner for various projects.

Prior to joining M-Group, Fahteen worked as a Housing Analyst for the City of Emeryville in their Economic Development and Housing Division, where she was project manager for the monitoring of owner occupancy of BMR (below market rate) units in the city. As a Planning Intern with the County of Santa Clara she assisted and collaborated with planners who required research and tasks at different capacities. Fahteen also had the opportunity to work with the City of San Jose on their Urban Village Plan for East Santa Clara in addition to assisting with the Winchester neighborhood workshop.

Fahteen earned her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from BRAC University in Dhaka in Bangladesh. Her passion to learn, help and bring change to the built environment has lead her to pursue a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from San Jose State University, specializing in Community Design and Development.

Outside of work, Fahteen is an avid transit user, who loves photography, to travel, watching documentaries, and to spend time with her family. She is interested in social aspects of designing better cities through planning, designing, and transportation to enhance the quality of life.