Senior Planner

Ranu is an accomplished urban planner with over eleven years of professional planning experience in diverse areas of Urban and Regional Planning.  Ranu’s professional practice philosophy emphasizes teamwork, thoroughness, accuracy, and efficient time management.  She has a strong client and customer service ethic, and regards effective communication as the cornerstone to building relationships and team work. Her skills include conducting special studies for general planning, community, and economic development, as well as urban and regional analyses. Her expertise ranges land use and landscape planning, development and environmental review, urban design, project administration and management, professional writing, graphic communication and presentations, customer service and community Outreach, and geographic information systems

Ranu worked for a number of years with the County of Santa Clara Planning Department, accomplishing development and environment review projects which ranged from single family, subdivisions, to rural commercial and industrial facilities.  She conducted and coordinated the review of complex projects to ensure the requirements of the Planning Office, sister agencies and the interest of the community were addressed in the review process. She also conducted environmental reviews, authoring and managing the preparation of environmental documents, and conducting special studies for a variety of long range projects including general plan updates.

Ranu has also worked for an environmental planning company, the City of Houston Long Range Planning Division and the University of Oklahoma Economic and Business and Development Center. Throughout her career she has provided professional planning and technical assistance to communities on long range planning and community and economic development projects.

Ranu holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Sir J.J. College of Architecture in India, and Masters' in Landscape Architecture from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and Regional and City Planning from the University of Oklahoma, Norman.  She lives in San Jose and enjoys long walks, gardening and home improvement projects.