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Calvin comes from a colorful environmental management background. He has experience in invasive species removal and ecological restoration with Humboldt State University’s Resource Conservation Club, natural resource management with the Nevada Conservation Corps, and providing logistical support for an urban forestry nonprofit in Portland.

Calvin has mastered several programs, including CalEEMod and the CNDDB, in order to provide concise and accurate environmental screening for development projects throughout California. His proficiencies in technical analysis, environmental review, graphic production, and document drafting have contributed to the creation of several IS/MNDs for residential and mixed use projects, CEQA exemptions, and a stream maintenance manual.

Calvin spent several years exploring the many trails and campsites of the Sierras, Humboldt County, Eastern Australia, and Southern New Zealand before happily finding himself in the Pacific Northwest. He is recent graduate from Portland State University with a B.S. in Environmental Studies and a focus on the interactions between nature and society. He is passionate about spatial analysis and has found M-Group to be an excellent opportunity to develop both his GIS skills and policy fluency within his native city of Napa.