ELLEN mcdowell

Assistant Planner

As Assistant Planner, Ellen works diligently on administrative projects such as Site Plans, Architectural Reviews, and Conditional Use Permits, for which her intimate knowledge of the local Zoning Ordinance proves useful. She works directly with the building department to complete plan checks for consistency with the General Plan and Implementing Zoning Ordinance. Ellen works closely with many other departments in the City, including Finance to ensure zoning verification, and the Police Department to help shepherd zoning compliance for the new massage ordinance. Ellen also enjoys working the front counter and interacting with the community. She is the face of the Planning Division counter and is always ready to greet someone with a smile. 

Ellen graduated from Sonoma State University with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Planning.  While at Sonoma State, she worked on a variety of projects, including an Existing Conditions Report and Area Plan for the area surrounding the Sonoma County Airport. Ellen completed her internship with the City of San Rafael and has completed plan checks for consistency with the California Green Building Code. 

Ellen enjoys spending time with her family as well as going on family vacations with her extended family.