kevin colin

principal planner

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Kevin has 15 years of public and private sector urban planning experience working with a variety of professionals, agencies and stakeholders. He is highly skilled in situational organizing, and has a talent for coordinating, deciding, and executing a strategy. Kevin is self-motivated and seeks work offering collaboration, creativity and challenge.

Kevin is especially adept at development review for all manner of land use and building type. He has authored a full range ofall possible CEQA documents types from robust categorical exemptions to ironclad Environmental Impact Reviews and, in doing so, managed full-suite consultant teams providing technical support. Kevin is passionate about creating and applying effective implementation tools for urban planning such as form-based codes and stream-lined review.

Kevin also takes a straightforward and realistic attitude toward tasks, approaching them with impartial analysis, and bases his decisions on well thought-out plans, impersonal data, and an overall probability of success. Ensuring equity is a core value Kevin brings to each project.

Kevin holds a B.S. in Natural Resources Planning & Interpretation from Humboldt State University. Kevin is also dedicated to a lifetime of learning through continued education and participation in professionally affiliated organizations such as the Congress for New Urbanism, American Planning Association and SPUR.

Kevin enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, home brewing, bike riding, reading and travel.