Payal Bhagat #2 IMG_7333 SQUARE.jpg


Principal Planner

Payal is a strong, self-motivated planner with an impressive resume of accomplishments and progress. She thrives at the helm of large and complex planning projects including General Plan Updates, Zoning Code updates, and Environmental Review. Payal’s management training coupled with hands on experience allows her to provided leadership on a broad range of planning projects.

Payal comprehensively understands planning from the smallest details to the big picture and is generous with sharing her knowledge. She has been a presenter and panel speaker at the 2014 and 2015 California Chapter American Planning Association Conferences. Her communication skills and strong desire to strike consensus commonly lead her to be a liaison between numerous committees including Environmental Task Force, Design Review Commissions, Planning Commissions, Architectural Committees, and municipal departments.

As an active mentor with the Be A Mentor program, Payal volunteers her time to guide and support upcoming planners at San Jose State University where she earned a Master of Urban and Regional Planning degree. She is an active member of American Planning Association and the Association of Environmental Professionals. Payal’s broad range of personal interests keep her vibrant—she enjoys cooking, dancing, hiking, exploring, painting; to name a few.