Petaluma HP

Town of Colma

Historic Preservation Element Update

The Town of Colma contracted M-Group to update their existing Historic Preservation Element of the Town’s General Plan. The expectations at the outset centered on a desire by the Town to improve their historic preservation program while at the same time acknowledging limited availability of time and resources to perform intensive historic preservation efforts.

In order to produce a document well-tailored to this particular situation, M-Group performed a critical assessment of the relevancy and efficacy of the existing element. After careful review, M-Group’s team conducted background research and drafted a historic context. M-Group was able to effectively update Colma’s historic preservation policies and objectives to better reflect contemporary practices and encourage effective usage of available preservation incentives. A strong focus was placed on educational tools and methods of incentivizing preservation in order to reduce demands on the Town and redistribute them to encourage more community-wide preservation efforts.