"M-Group has been consistently responsive to the needs of applicants as well as the community as a whole, has increased predictability and timing of outcome, and has removed much of the reiteration that characterized prior approval process. M-Group was able to develop innovation measures to provide for a nearly self-sustaining planning division”

- John Brown, City Manager, City of Petaluma

City of Petaluma

Current Planning Services

M-Group provides Petaluma with the full range of services required of an in-house Planning Division since 2009. M-Group restored full public counter coverage within the first week on the job and hired three former staff to provide continuity and institutional memory, helping the Division transition from an in-house to a contract model. Other M-Group staff were assigned to Petaluma, providing assistance where needed.

M-Group established credibility with the community and the City Council, and improved public perception regarding customer service. M-Group also took over projects previously managed by outside contractors, completing several significant projects for the City.