Stefanie Heinz

Urban Designer + Marketing Coordinator

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Stefanie brings a wealth of knowledge from working as an Urban Designer and City Planner nationally and internationally. Her experience spans from design to policy and long range planning to regional planning, community engagement, landscape design and transportation.
Stefanie brings a design-oriented aesthetic to her work as well as a creative problem-solving approach.

Besides supporting the policy team with her design and planning skills, Stefanie is also M-Group’s Marketing Coordinator. Working closely with the company’s executive suite she designs and prepares all outreach materials.

Prior to joining M-Group, Stefanie worked for the German State Government of Baden-Wurttemberg in various planning jurisdictions, including Cities, Counties, Regional Board, Regional Council, and the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region. Her major focus during that time was on sustainable land-use planning and management to safeguard a future across generations for demographically challenged Germany.
She also worked in Sydney, Australia as an Urban Designer for Conics (now RPS Australia). There she mainly worked on designing new communities for the fast growing Sydney region.

Stefanie holds a Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning from Brandenburg Technical University in Germany (BTU Cottbus). She also graduated as a “Governmental City Planning Assessor” while working for the State Government of Baden-Wurrtemberg.

Stefanie is passionate about urban design, healthy and sustainable communities, and actively seeks to incorporate these themes in her work. She loves reading about urban sociology.
Stefanie balances her work life with activities including running and yoga. She is an avid traveler and explorer, and loves to spend as much time as possible with her family.