urban design

We understand the importance of balancing policy direction with tangible design concepts that bring projects to life. At M-Group, urban design projects are an important component of our practice, including:

  • Vision Plans

  • Corridor and Streetscape Plans

  • Area, Strategic, Master and Specific Plans

  • Design Guidelines and Development Standards

We employ advanced urban planning practices that emphasizes pedestrian- and transit-oriented development patterns and support the natural environment. We also ensure project objectives harmonize with the economic, social and cultural needs of the community. 

Our background in community design standards, mixed use development regulations, and urban infill strategies demonstrate the great benefit for development that empathizes a range of travel modes (e.g., pedestrian, bike, and transit). Our extensive and in-depth knowledge of design guidelines and experience in design review services allow us to create compelling urban design plans and documents. We understand design standards and guidelines need to clarify intent, so we utilize innovative graphic techniques that are descriptive and informative. We apply our urban design skills to the full range of projects we work on, resulting in attention to detail and design that creates quality places.

Representative Projects

City of Burlingame - Downtown Specific Plan

City of Belvedere - Flood Plain Study

City of Half Moon Bay - Single-family Residential Design Guidelines

City of Napa - Downtown Specific Plan

City of Mill Valley - Multi-family Residential and Mixed-use Design Guidelines and Development Standards

City of Santa Clara - Residential Design Guidelines

City of Saratoga - Residential Design Guidelines



  • City of Belvedere

  • City of Burlingame

  • City of Coalinga

  • City of Fremont

  • City of Half Moon Bay

  • City of Mill Valley

  • City of Monte Sereno

  • City of Napa

  • City of Palo Alto

  • City of Redwood City

  • City of Santa Clara

  • City of Santa Rosa

  • City of Saratoga