"I have consistently been impressed with the firm’s public outreach skills and ability to work closely with staff and community representatives to develop policies and regulations that meet the unique interests of the City. Additionally, my experience with M-Group has shown that its staff is realistic in setting timeframes for project completion, and strives to keep projects moving forward and on track without cutting corners. The firm strives to establish realistic budget expectations, and to stay within budget parameters established at project initiation.”

- William Meeker, Community Development Director, City of Burlingame

City of Burlingame

Downtown Burlingame Specific Plan

M-Group led a multi-disciplinary consultant team in preparing a new Specific Plan for historic Downtown Burlingame. Downtown Burlingame is an undeniable success, but like all downtowns it is subject to ever-changing lifestyles and consumer preferences. The plan called for a highly involved program for civic engagement informed by thoughtful analysis and evaluation This allowed the community to develop a vision and ultimately a plan that is realistic and compelling for the future while being uniquely Burlingame. M-Group focused on existing opportunities and constraints in the project area, including an evaluation of:

  • Existing land uses

  • Urban design features

  • Circulation

  • Parking

  • Transportation

  • Economic Climate

  • Historical Resources

  • Infrastructure, and

  • Environmental Issues

An Economic Study was utilized to examine the future locations and potential for retail, residential, office, mixed use and hotels and cinemas, and fiscal return to the City.